On A Little Vacay

I’m taking a break from posting about tripping all across the Pacific Northwest. Mr. Berg and I are expecting twins come September so all of our energy will be put into that endeavor. Although we will be taking trips, I can’t promise pictures but I can post some and I will. Until then, safe travels!


Flowers and Family

Here’s a past blog with pictures of our visit to this year’s Annual Tulip Festival in Skagit Valley.

Married Girl in a Weird World

I say time and time again how much I love my family. They are the best, I always feel overwhelmingly blessed because I have such a great family. This last Tuesday my husband,  my mom, and my best friend who’s really more of a sister than a friend and I all went up to Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. I know many people may not know this but many of the world’s tulip bulbs come from the farms in Skagit Valley which is about 45 minutes away from where I live. Every April they bloom and they have a festival, beginning of May they whack off the heads of the flowers and gather the bulbs to send to the Netherlands and other places around the world. It’s beautiful but not only did we go there we ended up Whidbey Island watching the Navy planes flying, at Deception Pass watching some the…

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Peeking In At Portland- Part 1

I love Portland, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I LOVE PORTLAND!!! I love it so much I want to share my love and why I love it with you. Now I can’t do that in just one post so Portland will have a series of post. So you can get a good look at the weird, wacky, and wonderful Port-town. Because Portland is so close and because I love it so much I visit it frequently on day trips and overnight trips. There’s just something about the city every time I go I really feel like I’m almost coming home. The relaxed vibe is enough to make you forget the world exist and really when I’m there it doesn’t. Now it’s a beautiful city but very gritty also, it’s been tough times in Portland and you can see that but oddly it doesn’t take away from the city’s charm. The people are so friendly it’s ridiculous, the friendliest there reminds me of what Seattle used to be like.

My husband and I went for an overnight stay the other weekend, we actually do that often. Sometimes I just want to get away and Portland is perfect. As you know my blogs aren’t long on here, just a little talking then right into the pictures. But I’ll tell you this when I go to Portland it’s a little like visiting another country. You know when you go to Mexico you don’t eat at the McDonald’s, you get the local flavor. Portland is a foodie paradise and it’s farm to table so everything is fresh, so I don’t eat anyplace I can eat in Seattle. We tried this great restaurant called Fireside in the Alphabet District (their neighborhoods are called districts) and ate lunch at Deschutes Brewery Restaurant. I love eating in that city, it’s heaven and drinking all that great beer is paradise. We shopped a bit, they have a great outlet mall and no sales tax so yea there’s that there. We visited Pittock Mansion because it just happens the weekend we went, the weather was Fall spectacular. We got beautiful photos of Mt. St. Helens in Washington and Mt. Hood in Oregon, they’re both active volcanoes. Now we both love Portland and we’re always envisioning ourselves moving there. There may come a day it will happen but for now I’ll just be peeking in on it and I’ll let you peek with me. Enjoy the pictures.

fall colors 2

path and fall colors

Pittock Mansion 2

Mt. Hood the beautiful

Mt. St. Helens 3

Mr. Berg

beer golden

Beer dark

Fall foliage

Pittock Mansion

late night beer

Fall swirl

Portland skyline

Snoqualmie Falls-Let the Waters Take You Away

I love Snoqualmie Falls, when I first moved to Seattle back in 1992 it was one of the first tourist sights I visited. I’ve been coming here ever since, it is a marvelous wonder. I love water, I’m a Taurus, an Earth Sign, so we’re naturally drawn to anything that has to do with natural beauty. Snoqualmie Falls is natural beauty at it’s best. It’s only 30 minutes outside of Seattle so it’s not a long ride if you come for a visit. The day we went was a brisk Fall day, cold, rainy, and gray pretty typical weather for Autumn up here. But don’t worry we don’t mind it all and you probably wouldn’t either when you take a gander at this sight. The falls has a upper part where I took these shots for the day and a lower part but you have to walk down a long dirt path. I figured since it was so rainy, I’d avoid the muddy path for the day. At the top as you can see it’s spectacular but the bottom of the falls is equally breathtaking. I’ve gone out into the water a couple of times when I’ve hiked to the bottom, It’s something they don’t encourage you to do but you can jump a wooden divider to get down on the those massive rocks and lots of people do it. I’ve got photos of a very young me doing it and climbing a huge boulder, I’ll have to find those and show them to you one day. But today enjoy the photos of Snoqualmie Falls and Salish Lodge which is right next to the falls. Please click on the links and get information about these two beautiful places.

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I Want To Share

random shots 145I want to share with you my home state and the surrounding areas. I love the Pacific Northwest there is no place like it. There are a few places I can imagine living the U.S. but really the Pacific Northwest is always at the top of the list. I’m doing this blog to share the places, people, food, fun and beauty of where I live. I’ve been going on road trips all this summer with my husband and I share those pictures on my other blog Married Girl In A Weird World. But something came over me and I thought wouldn’t it be great to just travel around this beautiful part of the country and show and tell people why I love it. I’ll be taking trips in the Prius to show you what I love about here but also to discover places I have yet to even go. I’ve lived here for 22 years and there are still spots I haven’t been and have been dying to go so you’ll go with me. Now when this will start who knows. With winter coming up it gets harder to travel around here particularly to eastern Washington, Idaho and Montana but I’ll see where I can take you in the meantime before it gets too dark, too cold and too rainy. I hope you join me and even better I hope you see the pictures and hear the stories and make a decision to come out and visit this beautiful part of the country I call home, the Pacific Northwest.

various 816

various 045various 346

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